Staying Ahead of the Robot Apocalypse

Las Cruces Sun-News – Learn & Earn Column April 1, 2018 Robots are taking over…literally. Technological advances creating “disruptive innovations” across a host of industries are generating seismic shifts in the workforce and how workers can remain qualified and competitive in the job market. According to the Associated Press, construction is just the latest industry […]

Connecting the dots, building awareness to ignite workforce talent

Las Cruces Sun-News – Learn & Earn Column March 4, 2018   “There are no jobs.” How many times have you heard that when conversations turn to the exodus of young families from New Mexico, or the state’s high poverty rates, or some national ranking that paints a negative picture of some facet of life […]

None of Us is a Strong as All of Us

  Originally published in the Las Cruces Bulletin on April 20, 2018. Collaboration continues to be the driving force transforming the future of Las Cruces and Dona Ana County — as consistent and persistent as a heartbeat and proving the power of possible. Collaboration was at the heart of this year’s Greater Las Cruces Chamber […]

A Lasting Legacy of Change

Originally published in the Las Cruces Bulletin in March 2018. In February, Las Cruces Public Schools celebrated the fact that it had achieved the highest four-year graduation rate in the state. Truly, it is an amazing accomplishment to be celebrated by every teacher, administrator, staff member, and district leader who all played their unique role […]

Business Voice a Powerful Force for Change

The voice of business is a powerful thing. When united, it can direct state investments that expand opportunity, close gaps between theory and practice, and give young people a clearer picture of the future they envision for themselves. This was once again confirmed for me over three events that transpired in just eight days. One […]

With Gratitude to Our Amazing Leaders

Published in the Las Cruces Bulletin – December 30, 2017 December is always a signal to me that things are about to change: the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. This year, the board of directors of The Bridge of Southern New Mexico is going through one of these big, chapter-turning times. […]

Domenici’s Legacy Lives On

Every year, the Domenici Public Policy Conference brings thought leaders from across the country to discuss the role of policy in addressing the most pressing issues we face in our national discourse. This year, the passing of New Mexico’s legendary Senator Pete V. Domenici at the start of the conference brought a somber tone to […]

Back to The Bridge…One Year Later

The Bridge of Southern New Mexico has always been an organization ahead of its time thanks to the shared vision and commitment of its leaders. Business, education, economic development and government leaders working in unison have accomplished what some thought impossible (or at least improbable) over the past ten years. As you may know, The […]

What’s the Big Deal about Pathways?

“People want to know the value they are getting from one of the biggest investments (college education) they will make in their lives,” begins the newest think-piece on better connecting college to careers from national thought leader Anthony Carnavale and team at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. It is true that, […]

Shining the Spotlight on CTE to Close Employability Gaps for Youth

The ever-widening disconnect between education and career readiness for young people is finally beginning to close thanks to a resurgence in Career and Technical Education (CTE). CTE aligns high school and college education to the demands of the labor market and provides students the technical, academic and workplace knowledge and skills they need for long-term […]