Hope and Expectation Can Change the Future

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin – December 21, 2018 The month of December brings out a lot of things – and I’m not talking about the credit cards and long lines at the mall. There’s something about this time of year that is always tied to hope and expectation. Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations […]

Creating Win-Win Situations for Student and Families with Smart Education Investments

As published in the Las Cruces Sun-News December 3, 2018 There’s an awful lot of talk about education, and specifically education investment, going into 2019. A new governor, new administration, court-mandated increase in public education funding, and a healthy budget surplus are several of the forces at the forefront of what will come in the […]

Workforce Development is Something We All Agree On

As published in the Las Cruces Sun-News, November 4, 2018 With the election season coming to a climactic close tomorrow, no matter who wins or loses in local, state, and federal races, there’s one thing that everyone agrees on…workforce development is critical. We simply need to do all we can to connect our people with […]

Change the Future by Changing the Way We Talk about It

As published in The Las Cruces Bulletin – October 23, 2018 “We have to stop saying that.” Those words tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop them. Fueled by passion and a heart-felt plea that we begin to understand the power of our words, we are in the habit of saying things that […]

Policy is Key to Sustaining Effective Practice

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin – September 21, 2018 The Pete V. Domenici Public Policy Conference really has been a hallmark event in the community, bringing national and state leaders to Las Cruces to discuss the most pressing policy issues facing New Mexico and the nation. Policy directs local, state, and national governments […]

Connecting Workforce Opportunity to Maximize Outcomes and Impacts

Las Cruces Sun-News, Learn & Earn Column – June 3, 2018 Academic outcomes have economic impacts. That’s the underlying message of every plan that seeks to build a strong economic future for New Mexico: New Mexico First Statewide Town Hall on Higher Education & the Workforce recommendations that were released in mid-May. The “hard to […]

We Have a Lot to Look Forward to…Just Ask the Kids

There’s something special about young people full of hope and aspirations for the future. That special-ness was on full display at the Las Cruces Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Middle School Recognition event in April. In what was an incredibly uplifting night, the Chamber’s signature education event packed out the auditorium of Doña Ana Community College’s […]

Staying Ahead of the Robot Apocalypse

Las Cruces Sun-News – Learn & Earn Column April 1, 2018 Robots are taking over…literally. Technological advances creating “disruptive innovations” across a host of industries are generating seismic shifts in the workforce and how workers can remain qualified and competitive in the job market. According to the Associated Press, construction is just the latest industry […]

Connecting the dots, building awareness to ignite workforce talent

Las Cruces Sun-News – Learn & Earn Column March 4, 2018   “There are no jobs.” How many times have you heard that when conversations turn to the exodus of young families from New Mexico, or the state’s high poverty rates, or some national ranking that paints a negative picture of some facet of life […]

None of Us is a Strong as All of Us

  Originally published in the Las Cruces Bulletin on April 20, 2018. Collaboration continues to be the driving force transforming the future of Las Cruces and Dona Ana County — as consistent and persistent as a heartbeat and proving the power of possible. Collaboration was at the heart of this year’s Greater Las Cruces Chamber […]