The Burden and Blessing of Leadership

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin, December 18, 2020 2020 has demanded a lot from us. It changed so many aspects of our lives. It has taken away health, jobs, mobility, and yes, lives.  It also presented us a mandate to dig deeper, think differently about how we operate, and driven us to new […]

Energizing Economic Recovery with Employment in the Energy Industry

As published in the Las Cruces Sun-News, December 2020 New Mexico is a state in transition in one of its major industry sectors: Energy.  Unlike the southeastern part of the state, Doña Ana County’s contribution to the Energy Industry has been more reliant on other sources: traditional electric and natural gas, along with the growing […]

Life Beyond COVID

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin, November 20, 2020 It’s hard to believe it, but there will come a time when COVID is not ruling our lives. But right now, it’s stealing not just health and wellbeing, it’s stealing jobs, students’ learning, our sense of community, and the freedom to move about unencumbered. It’s […]

Hispanic Scholarship Fund to Host Virtual College Camp

As published in the Las Cruces Sun-News, November 2, 2020 COVID has changed nearly everything about our lives and made it difficult to plan for the future. But for our middle and high school students, one thing hasn’t changed – it’s absolutely critical to earn a college credential or degree after high school to ensure […]

LFC Meetings Stress the Need for Strategic Workforce Development

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin, October 16, 2021 Smart, strategic workforce development lies at the epicenter of New Mexico’s economic recovery. A vast majority of the unemployed are going to have to reskill or upskill to take on new jobs in industries that are here and will recover, because many pre-COVID jobs simply […]

Going Where the Jobs Are

As published in the Las Cruces Sun-News, October 5, 2020 Six months of COVID have had a crushing impact on employment in our county.  As of August, Doña Ana County’s unemployment rate was 10.9%, or 10,000 people, literally twice the unemployment rate pre-COVID. To put it in perspective it’s 18 unemployed people for every one person diagnosed with […]

The Importance of News vs. Narrative

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin, September 18, 2020 What do you do when news isn’t news anymore, but narrative? How can you know what’s true and what’s not? How can we understand the issues we face and work together on solutions, if the information we receive is presented in a way that drives […]

Remote Work is Here to Stay

As published in the Las Cruces Sun-News, September 7, 2020 Yes, one day, we will all emerge from our COVID shutdowns and feel free to travel about without fear and without masks. We hope that day is coming sooner rather than later. But when that day comes, remote work will be a lasting part of […]

Staying Connected in COVID

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin – August 21, 2020 by Tracey Bryan COVID has driven change in connectivity and community in the strangest ways. Grocery shopping and eating out has become less “mobile” physically while being more technologically “mobile” through app and online ordering. For many, Facebook is now the place we “go” […]

Parents Have Always Been Vital to Their Children’s Education

As published in the Bottom Line of the Las Cruces Bulletin – August 14, 2020 by Tracey Bryan COVID-19 has pulled all of us out of our comfort zones. “Normal life” has become very far from normal, as what we love about closeness and community has been replaced by social distancing, masks, and Zoom. And […]