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The Future of Work in the Mesilla Valley

Seismic shifts in the workforce post-pandemic are fueling critical challenges to employers to adapt and innovate the workplace in response.  To equip Doña Ana County’s critical industries and employers with the latest information and emerging best practices, the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce and The Bridge of Southern New Mexico teamed up with Deloitte […]

Workforce Development is a Team Sport

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin, June 18, 2021 Long before COVID, Doña Ana County set out on a comprehensive workforce development effort to ensure our people had access to everything they’d need to be a part of the amazing careers right here in our community. It began with building and mapping career pathways […]

A Summer Job Market Like No Other

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin, May 21, 2021 Students who are looking for summer jobs this year may be able to find amazing jobs they would have never been able to find before, thanks to the strange dynamics affecting the workforce post-COVID. Employers are clamoring for talent and having a very hard time […]

Can You Come Out of COVID Stronger than You Went In? YES!

As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin, April 16, 2021 The next five months are going to be critical for our New Mexico True Talent who’ve become displaced from their previous jobs due to COVID. In early September, the Federal unemployment benefits for displaced workers will end, and the state will reinstate the work-search requirement […]


As published in the Las Cruces Bulletin, March 19, 2021 At the one-year mark of the COVID pandemic, we’re all pretty familiar with COVID numbers. However, throughout the crisis, we, at The Bridge of Southern New Mexico, have been keeping our eyes on other numbers relevant to the cataclysmic chain reaction of impacts brought on […]

A Huge Advocate for Students and Teachers

As published in the Las Cruces Sun-News, March 1, 2021 “New Mexico just lost a huge advocate for kids,” said Michael Chavez, superintendent of Hatch Valley Public Schools (HVPS). The enormity of that loss advanced like a black fog across Las Cruces and New Mexico, as news of the tragic death of Las Cruces Public […]