Finish Lines Have Financial Rewards

Las Cruces Bulletin – June 22, 2018

We celebrated a lot of finish lines in May, as thousands of people, young and old, crossed a finish line at one of our county’s high schools, Doña Ana Community College, and New Mexico State University.

Every person who earned their diploma, certification, or degree increased their earning power just by finishing what they started.

But what about those who didn’t? What about those who ran out of money, time, or opportunity to complete the academic goal they’d set? Is finishing possible for them?

If you live in Doña Ana County, the resounding answer is YES!!

Do you need money? Chances are it’s absolutely available, you just need to know where to go.

Do you need to time? There’s folks who can help you figure that out if you know where to start.

Do you need opportunity? Well, let me point you in a few powerful directions that offer a career with a path forward, not just a job.

Let’s start with your finish line…what career are you aiming toward?

If you live in our county, there are existing and growing opportunities in several career areas. These have jobs at multiple skill and pay levels and offer living wages at the start or as you grow in your skills:

  • Healthcare (a TON of jobs in this area from clinical to business to technicians and beyond)
  • Defense (there are a myriad of both civilian and enlisted opportunities at White Sands Missile Range and the other military bases in our region that begin with trades and technicians.)
  • Aerospace (the opportunities are not just for rocket scientists, but construction trades and technicians and more)
  • Energy (both electric and renewable energies, as well as the oil & gas industry in the eastern part of the state)
  • Transportation & Logistics (there’s great opportunity for New Mexico workers at the Border Industrial Park in Santa Teresa – in fact, employers get state benefits for hiring New Mexico workers)
  • Advanced Manufacturing (3D printing, Computer Aided Design and far, far more)
  • Digital Media (to include the new Cyber Security and gaming degrees being rolled out by Dona Ana Community College, including virtual reality and augmented reality and their applications across a host of industries)
  • Value-Added Agriculture (the whole ag industry is in a technological transformation, and there an amazing set of opportunities right here)

Check out the pathways and opportunities in these industries at Click on the links to learn more about the opportunities in each industry, as well as connect to some very helpful and free online sources.

What about time and money? Two places can help you get to the closest finish line in the shortest time possible:

  • Doña Ana Community College – either at the Workforce Center right behind Best Buy or at the East Mesa Campus. They will let you know what your options are, and what resources are available to help you reach your finish line. Didn’t finish high school? No problem. They provide adult education services to help you cross that first finish line, and then you can really change your future by crossing just one more – and it doesn’t have to take years to do it.
  • Workforce Connections –a lot of things changing at that office just outside downtown on Alameda. There are resources and services for young people 16-24 as well as adults of any age who want to improve their income through career exploration and job placement, training and education to improve their earning power, and connections to other resources that can help you secure and keep a job that can change your financial future.

So you see, whether you’re 16 or 60, you have what you need here to cross whatever your next finish line is. And you don’t have to settle for just one…cross as many as you like!

But make no mistake, every finish line you cross will benefit you, your family and our community!